2024 New Year Home Refresh Guide

12 December 2023

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The New Year is a great time to lay down a marker for self-improvement or achieving goals that have so far alluded you. Your goals and aims for the New Year do not always have to be about yourself!

One thing you may want to change coming into the New Year in 2024 is your home! A home refresh is a great way to celebrate the beginning of a New Year and set yourself up for a happy and healthy 12 months.

Read our 2024 New Year Home Refresh Guide to see how you can update your home this year!

2024 New Year Home Refresh stylish blue modern Northern Ireland

How to Refresh Your Home in 2024

There are many ways you can refresh your home without going all out for a big and expensive renovation. Here are a few simple yet very effective methods for bringing some new life and joy into your home this year.

Fresh Colour

We start our 2024 New Year Home Refresh Guide with one of the more obvious ideas to refresh your home and that is by introducing some new colour and design. You should not underrate the effect a new coat of paint can have on your living space!

Colours and design in your home are very important. In fact, research from Mental Health America found that colours in your home will impact your mood and therefore affect your mental health.

So, this year instead of looking at the same colours around your home take the plunge and try out a new style! In our recent blog looking at the latest design trends, we discussed how bold and vibrant colours are very much in right now. This makes it a great time to update your home with some fresh, lovely and stylish mood-boosting colours!

2024 New Year Home Refresh new paint blue white sofa modern Northern Ireland

Update your Windows

Green Match estimates that the average two-bed house in the UK has between 4 and 5 windows. That’s a lot of space that is so often forgotten in your home!

There are a few things you can do to update your windows and provide a refresh for your home. Firstly, the window sill should be a considered space in your home. It doesn’t need to match your walls and can incorporate the bold colours you use throughout your home design. You can also use it as space for decorative items that add charm and personality to your space.

Updating your window dressings is another great way to refresh your home. Whether you have old worn blinds that need replaced or simply want to incorporate blinds into your new design style you have a variety of options from our different Blinds styles or even our stunning Plantation Shutters.

2024 New Year Home Refresh window white modern plantation shutters decoration

Rearrange Your Rooms

On a warm summer evening sometimes, nothing feels better than turning over your pillow to the now fresh and cool side. Your home is a lot like that warm pillow in that sometimes all it takes is to move things around to make it feel fresh and cool!

Nothing beats a change of scenery to make you feel refreshed and altering your home layout to be more stylish, comfortable or, efficient can do just that!

So, shove your sofa to the other side of the room! Turn that desk! Let your imagination run wild and see what fun new layout you can come up with to make your home feel fresh and exciting again.

rearranging home 2024 refresh redecorate moving furniture Northern Ireland

Upgrade Your Tech

Every new year brings a host of new upgrades and technology that can bring convenience into your home. Adapting some new technology is a great way to bring your home forward into the future!

One of our personal favourites is Motorised Blinds. The convenience of being able to control your blinds from either a handy remote or your smartphone is amazing. Nothing is worse than having to get up from your comfy spot on the sofa because some glare is blocking the TV. With the TaHoma add-on for all of our Somfy Blinds, you can truly say goodbye to inconvenience in 2024 with the option for full Smart-Home integration.

Other Smart-Home controls you might enjoy include, temperature, lights, music, and even your kitchen appliances! Statista estimate that in 2024 over 422 million homes worldwide will incorporate some form of Smart-Home technology with the number rising year on year. So, make sure that your home isn’t one that’s left behind by taking steps this year!

2024 New Year Home Refresh motorised roller blinds Northern Ireland modern bright interior design

Bring in Some Nature

Plants are amazing! Not only do they keep us alive by providing oxygen but they come in all different kinds of shapes and colours making them a fantastic and stylish addition to your home.

No, we aren’t saying to turn your home into a jungle, but a few new pants here and there can be a great way to (literally) add some life to your home. Since plants grow and change over time, they will keep your room looking fresh and different.

As if you didn’t need another reason to bring some plants in, many also have lovely natural scents to keep your home fragrant! Why waste time spraying a smell around your home that a plant could potentially produce naturally?

For some subtle plant inspiration, why not check out this home using Vertical Blinds with some beautiful plants to create pops of colour in their home!

2024 New Year Home Refresh plants interior design Northern Ireland


Rugs are a tricky thing to get right. Too many rugs and your home looks like a patchwork quilt. Not enough rugs and your floor could seem cold and bare. If you get just enough rugs that suit your style and décor then you bring a cosy warmth that turns your house into a home.

With Rugs not only can you add warmth to your home but you can have fun styling, either contrasting the existing colours in the room with a statement piece or matching to existing features. We would highly recommend the latter approach combined with a fabric blind such as our Roman Blind range.

2024 New Year Home Refresh rugs modern interior design Northern Ireland

Add Some Fresh Faces

Our final tip is to update the photos you keep around your house! Everyone has their favourite family photos and you should proudly display them. However, to keep your home looking fresh and exciting rotating and updating photos can really help.

Perhaps there has been a new family moment you snapped on your phone and haven’t printed to display. Alternatively, maybe the kids are a bit bigger and could do with some new photos to show how they have grown. One of the best parts of this method is when you rotate photos that you haven’t displayed for a time you get a real boost when you display them and are filled with pleasant memories.


Choose Village Blinds and Shutters for Your 2024 New Year Home Refresh

Now that you can see there are many ways to refresh your home this New Year it’s time to get your creative hat on and get started! Should you need any help along the way our wonderful Design Consultants can provide expert advice on Blinds and Shutters during your free home appointment.

2024 New Year Home Refresh Guide FAQ

What are some low-cost ways I can refresh my home for the new year?

Some affordable refresh ideas include rearranging furniture, adding new decorative accents like plants/rugs/artwork, repainting walls with bold colours, and updating window treatments with new blinds or shutters. You can make big visual impacts without spending a lot.

Should I hire an interior designer to help with my home refresh?

It’s not necessary, but an interior designer can be very helpful if you feel stuck on layout and décor decisions. Our free in-home design consultations provide expert advice tailored to your space and needs. Our talented design consultants can suggest creative blind and shutter options to match your style, during your free home appointment.

How difficult is it to install new blinds or shutters on my own?

While possible for simpler blinds, we recommend having our professional fitters install your new window treatments. They have years of specialised expertise to ensure everything fits your windows properly for functionality and appearance.

What smart home upgrades should I consider for a tech refresh?

Motorised blinds that open/close automatically are a great upgrade for convenience and can integrate with home automation systems. Smart lighting, thermostats, speakers and other devices also allow greater control and customisation. At Village Blinds and Shutters, we are a Certified Somfy Expert, meaning, you benefit from our

Should I change my wall colour or go bigger with a whole room remodel?

Paint is an easy and affordable way to make a visual impact. But if your space needs functional layout changes for how your family lives now, minor remodels tailored to your needs can be a worthwhile investment for enjoyment.

How can I book a free home appointment with a design consultant?

Booking a free home appointment is quick and easy. You can book online or give us a call on 0800 059 0747 and we’ll help you in any way possible.

What areas of Northern Ireland do Village Blinds and Shutters Cover?

From Ahoghill to Whitehead, Bangor to Upperlands, Village Blinds and Shutters cover all of Northern Ireland, helping to refresh your home and realise your interior dreams.

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