Interior Design Trends for 2024

7 December 2023

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At Village Blinds and Shutters, we’ve been helping create wonderful interior spaces in homes across Northern Ireland for over 30 Years. Whether it’s Sleek and modern motorised Aura Blinds or traditional Plantation Shutters, each blind and shutter is crafted by us, just for you. The interior design world is evolving in exciting ways as we enter 2024. This guide explores the latest trends shaping home design in Northern Ireland- from bold colours to biophilic elements and smart technology integration. Read on for insights to help create interior spaces that are aesthetically pleasing, functional and promote well-being.

Gone are the days of muted, neutral palettes. 2024 sees rich blues, deep greens and punchy reds take centre stage, injecting vitality and personality into living spaces. These bold tones provide a lively backdrop to refresh interiors across Northern Ireland.

 Interior Design Trends for 2024 Vibrant and Energetic Hues

Natural and Soothing Shades

Inspired by the outdoors, soft green and brown earth tones are also popular. Botanical greens, sandy beiges and warm terracottas evoke nature, creating a soothing and tranquil environment. These colours help bring the outside in.

Interior Design Trends for 2024 Natural and Soothing Shades

2. Sustainable Furniture

Eco-Friendly Materials and Designs

Sustainability is a driving force in 2024 furniture trends. Eco-certified woods, recycled textiles and upcycled materials allow homeowners to make ethical choices. Opting for quality craftsmanship and timeless silhouettes also promotes longevity over fast furniture trends.

 Interior Design Trends for 2024 Eco-Friendly Materials and Designs

Flexible and Multifunctional 

With smaller living spaces in the UK, flexible furnishings that serve multiple purposes will rise in popularity. Look for modular sofas, expandable dining tables and convertible furniture pieces to maximize functionality.  

Interior Design Trends for 2024 Flexible and Multifunctional 

Artistic Statement Pieces

In 2024, unique furniture will take the spotlight. Seek out designs with bold shapes, interesting textures and unconventional details to create focal points and express personal style.

3. Textures and Materials

Natural and Biophilic

Biophilic design using natural textures remains popular for creating a relaxing and welcoming ambience. Think renewable woods, locally sourced stone, woven fibres and reclaimed metals to reference nature indoors.

Interior Design Trends for 2024 Natural and Biophilic

Eclectic Mixing

For added interest, mixing material textures is key. Pair glass, velvet, leather and metals throughout a space for depth and visual intrigue. Unexpected combinations keep designs fresh.

 Interior Design Trends for 2024 Eclectic Mixing

Sustainable Sources

Using recycled, organic and locally obtained materials is a conscious choice. Seek textiles like eco-cotton, responsibly sourced wool and reclaimed wood. Every material decision helps reduce interiors’ carbon footprint.

Interior Design Trends for 2024 Sustainable Sources

4. Technology Integration 

Smart Home Automation

Home technology will be a major interior design element in 2024. Consider integrating smart lighting, voice-activated appliances, automated blinds and other IoT devices for added comfort, convenience and efficiency.


Futuristic Furnishings

Look for next-gen furniture with built-in tech like charging points, Bluetooth speakers and mood lighting. These innovations redefine furniture’s form and function.

 Interior Design Trends for 2024 Futuristic Furnishings

Augmented and Virtual Reality

AR and VR allow homeowners to visualize designs before committing. This tech-driven approach enables informed interior planning. Seek designers who offer these services.

Interior Design Trends for 2024 Augmented and Virtual Reality

5. Spatial Arrangement

Open-Plan Living Spaces

Removing walls between rooms creates airy, expansive living areas for a communal feel. Large open layouts promote togetherness and functionality for modern UK families and housemates.

Interior Design Trends for 2024 Open-Plan Living Spaces

Adaptable Home Offices

With remote and hybrid work rising, homes require flexible work zones. Carve out adaptable spaces that can transition between work and personal time as needed.  

Interior Design Trends for 2024 Adaptable Home Offices

Vertical Storage Solutions 

Maximize vertical real estate with wall-mounted shelving, towering bookcases, and floor-to-ceiling storage to neatly tuck away belongings while adding visual interest.

Interior Design Trends for 2024 Vertical Storage Solutions 

6. Lighting Innovations

Energy-Efficient Options

LED bulbs, solar-powered fixtures and natural light-enhancing designs are sustainable updates. Take advantage of tech advancements to reduce energy usage and costs.

 Interior Design Trends for 2024 Energy-Efficient Options

Artistic Statement Lighting

Make lighting a focal feature with sculptural pendants, modern chandeliers and creative sconces. Dynamic fixtures elevate interiors from functional to extraordinary.

Interior Design Trends for 2024 Artistic Statement Lighting

Natural Light Emphasis

Strategically placed windows, skylights and mirrors maximize natural sunlight, creating brighter and more uplifting spaces. This reduces reliance on artificial lighting for a green benefit.

Interior Design Trends for 2024 Natural Light Emphasis

7. Indoor Plants and Greenery

Biophilic Elements

Houseplants filter air, provide comfort and connect us to nature. Go beyond potted plants with living green walls, plant-filled conservatories and indoor trees to reap biophilic benefits.

Interior Design Trends for 2024 Biophilic Elements

Health and Wellbeing 

Choose air-purifying, humidity-regulating and mood-boosting plants to help make interiors more relaxing. Their natural beauty also enhances mental health and concentration.

Interior Design Trends for 2024 Health and Wellbeing 

Vertical Gardens

Vertical gardens and living walls bring small-space gardens indoors. Display cascading greenery for the visual pleasures of nature even in urban settings.

The interior design trends for 2024 highlight conscientious choices – bold colours, sustainable materials, fuss-free tech and biophilic elements. By embracing these forward-thinking trends, UK homes can become more beautiful, functional and eco-friendly spaces that support occupant wellbeing.

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