The Best Blinds for Migraines 2023

24 September 2023

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Migraine Awareness Week

This year Migraine Awareness Week is the 24th-30th of September. As part of this, we are discussing the best blinds for migraines.

Migraines are headaches that cause severe pain and throbbing sometimes accompanied by nausea or vomiting. During these, as with a regular headache, people are often extremely sensitive to noise and light. Unfortunately, there is no simple cure for Migraines. The Mayo Clinic recommends that medicine and healthy habits can prevent or stop migraines but often those who suffer from them will often simply be forced to learn to manage the condition.

When a migraine occurs, it is recommended to find a calm environment. This is a dark and quiet room that you can relax in. During the day blinds are essential for keeping a room dark and preventing sunlight from making symptoms worse. The effectiveness of this can vary depending on your choice of blinds so we have put together a few tips for the best blinds for migraines

Light coming in through an open shutter which could make a migraine worse
a window without a blind which would not be able to help migraines

What are the Best Blinds for Migraines?

Every type of blind has its advantages but only some would be ideal blinds for people who experience frequent migraines. Venetian and Vertical Blinds are two types that are very popular for their ability to tilt and allow varying amounts of light into the room. When you are purchasing a blind with the aim of allowing in as little light as possible these are two types that we would not recommend.

Instead, a Roller or Cellular Blind would be ideal. By using a singular large piece of fabric to cover the window they’re the most effective for this need.

If you want to be extra sure that no little bits of light sneak in around the edge of your blind, both can be attached into a Perfect Fit frame, allowing you to fully seal the window if necessary. This also helps if your chosen room has windows on a door or which could potentially have access restricted by a normal blind.

Other types of blind would still be able to help however, so if you have a stylistic preference you can bring this up with our Design Consultants during your home appointment.

a roller blind which is one type of blind for migraines
A Roller Blind
A perfect fit cellular blind which is one type of blind for migraines
A Perfect Fit Cellular Blind

Blackout Fabric Blinds for Migraines

We suggested the use of a Roller or Cellular blind as being great choices for a migraine sanctuary and since these are both fabric blinds then we would also recommend the use of a Blackout Fabric. All of our Fabrics have a different level of transparency. Some fabrics allow some light through whilst Blackout Fabrics are completely solid. This makes them the ideal choice for creating a calm, dark space where all sunlight is blocked out.

a blackout fabric roller blind which is a great type of blind for migraines
A Roller Blind Using Blackout Fabric

Motorised Blinds for Migraines

a remote for a motorised blind which is useful for blinds for migraines
A Remote for a Motorised Blind

Another choice to consider is motorisation! You may have one small room dedicated to being your migraine sanctuary, but you can’t stay in there all day. With motorisation, you can save rushing around your home as you begin to feel unwell and instead have all of your blinds close with the click of a button. If that isn’t enough the TaHoma add-on gives you even greater control with the option for smart home integrations that can allow you to automate the entire process!

If you are trying to create a calm environment to relax during a migraine our specialist team of Design Consultants can help during your free home appointment. They will discuss your needs and suggest the best blinds for migraines, whilst still complimenting your style of home.

You can contact Village Blinds and Shutters today for your free home appointment. With over thirty years’ experience manufacturing blinds locally in County Antrim we are the experts at providing a top-quality service. You will have peace of mind throughout the whole process with free installation and our 5 Year Guarantee.

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