Should All Windows Have Shutters?

24 April 2024

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When installing Plantation Shutters in your home, whether you install them all at once or work through your home gradually, you will eventually have to decide whether all of your windows will have Shutters or not. At the consultation stage, many customers have asked us if all of their windows should have Shutters and the answer can vary greatly depending on their home.

Black Painted Plantation Shutters in a modern contemporary Northern Ireland home

Window Types

Before you ask ‘should all windows have shutters’ you also have to consider what types of windows are in your home.

The type of windows you have in your home will affect both whether you can have Shutters in your home or the styles available.

should all windows have shutters example in a white modern kitchen plantation shutter

Sash Window

Sash windows, sometimes called a sliding sash window, are slide-opening windows associated with more traditional design. Because of the style, they would traditionally be paired with classic Blind styles such as Roman Blinds. These work excellently but Plantation Shutters can still be an option.

Full Height Shutters can usually be fit on a sash window but in many cases will need to be fit outside the window frame so that it will clear the window. Alternatively, some Sash Windows pair perfectly with a Café Style Shutter, due to the window being made of two separate parts.

should all windows have shutters example modern minimalist window bay with white plantation shutters

Bay Window

A bay window is when the windows protrude outwards from the main walls of a building. There are many different styles and shapes of bay window but they are often particularly suited to Plantation Shutters.

Depending on the type of windows in the bay, Full Height, Tier on Tier, and Café Style Shutters could all be potential options. The main thing to consider with a window bay is that there are usually multiple windows close together, therefore you have to consider the Shutter opening and ensure that the separate doors will not block each other or your view.

dormer window plantation shutter example in modern new build white home

Dormer Window

A dormer window is a window that protrudes out from a roof, usually used to help increase the liveable space within a loft, often when it is used as the second floor of a home. Full Height Shutters would generally be used on these windows due to their smaller size although, on some larger dormer windows a Café Style Shutter could be used as well.

The main thing to consider with dormer windows is light and airflow. Both of these are usually much more restricted in rooms with dormer windows because there are usually fewer or smaller windows. This means a Shutter may not always be the best option if it blocks needed natural light, or if it has limited space and could restrict airflow on a warmer day.

arched window example modern contemporary new build home in northern ireland with shaped plantation shutters

Arched Window

Arched windows feature a curved arch rather than the more regular rectangular shape seen in most windows. This makes them a unique feature in your home but also limits the options for window dressing.

A Shaped Shutter can be made to fit most arched windows. This is often actually the best option for dressing an arched window because it can be made to fit the shape so closely.

should all windows have shutters example with tilt and turn windows in a modern home in northern ireland

Tilt and Turn Window

Tilt and turn windows can both swing open horizontally like a more regular window and tilt open vertically for ventilation. This type of window can only be dressed in certain ways as its ability to open multiple ways takes up more space.

In some cases, a Shutter could be placed outside the recess if space allows. This would potentially limit the window’s ability to provide ventilation in the home, one of the primary reasons for having a tilt-and-turn window.

Ultimately a Plantation Shutter can be used on most window types. The main limitation would be if there is space for the Shutter to be placed inside or outside of the recess, have hinge clearance, and be able to open into the room.


All projects are limited by the budget available. Choosing Plantation Shutters for every window in your home would be a more costly option. When you ask ‘should all windows have Shutters’ you also need to consider if it is possible for your budget. Alternatively, the main large windows in the home could be selected and accompanied by a complementary choice of Blind on the rest of the windows.

Plantation Shutters do provide great value for the windows in your home. They are more costly because they are strong and made from durable materials that will last for a long time in your home. This means spending more to have Shutters throughout your home is a long-term investment in your home, something that could be worthwhile if you are planning to remain in your home for the foreseeable future.

All of our Plantation Shutters come with our Five Year Guarantee so that you can have piece of mind, knowing that you can trust the quality of your new Shutters.

should all windows have shutters living room example in a modern contemporary home in northern ireland with white plantation shutters


Choosing to have Plantation Shutters on all windows in your home could be entirely a design choice. It is a great way to connect all of the windows in your home with a consistent style, framed by Shutters. Alternatively, Plantation Shutters can be paired with Blinds, without feeling mismatched. Many styles of Blind such as Aura or Roller Blinds, can pair beautifully with Shutters.

If you’re looking for help styling your home we have a fantastic how-to section with lots of blogs to talk you through different aspects of your home.

design example of white plantation shutters in a modern stylish home in northern ireland


Having Plantation Shutters on all of your windows can be a method of providing insulation on your windows. This can increase your energy efficiency by reducing the need for heating in your home by restricting the loss of heat through them. In fact, the British Blinds and Shutters Association has found that Plantation Shutters can reduce heat loss through your windows by up to 28%.

It is important to consider that in some rooms where the Shutters have less space, they could end up restricting airflow in your home. This is not always the case as they can usually open fully to allow plenty of airflow, something they are designed for having originated in warmer countries.

bedroom white plantation shutters in a contemporary townhouse in northern ireland

Should All Windows Have Shutters?

So, should all windows have Shutters? Whilst Shutters are a great option for providing a stylish and durable window dressing, the answer is no. Some windows simply do not have the space for a Shutter to operate properly. Where there is space available, we would always recommend our Plantation Shutters to add a stunning finishing touch.

Our expert Design Consultants can help you decide which windows should have Shutters. In cases where not all windows can have Shutters, they also provide fantastic style advice as to which Blinds complement Shutters the best.

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