Stunning Electric Roller Blinds in Northern Ireland

22 February 2024

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An Electric Roller Blinds Project

We were invited to a beautiful modern home looking to update their windows with some new Electric Roller Blinds. This home worked perfectly with the most up-to-date Somfy Motorised Blinds technology, providing comfort and convenience for the customer.

Electric Roller Blinds installation in Northern Ireland

The Benefits of Electric Blinds

Electric Blinds, also referred to as Motorised Blinds, provide automation to your window Blind. A motor is built into the Blind which can then either be wired into the mains power or use a rechargeable battery. This provides a number of benefits to your home,

Electric Roller Blinds Somfy Rechargeable Battery Charging Socket
Electric Roller Blinds Somfy Rechargeable Battery Charging Cable


Save yourself from manually operating your blinds by having them easily operate at the touch of a button. With the outside weather and light often unpredictable your needs in your home can quickly change. Not only can you adapt with speedy operation of your Electric Blinds, but with the TaHoma ad on you can turn them into smart blinds connected to smart home systems such as an Alexa or Nest. The TaHoma can even allow your Home to react to the outside temperature and adjust your Blinds accordingly.

Electric Roller Blinds add an extra convenience through the combination of simplicity and technology. Using an easy-to-operate and maintain blind and adding the extra ease of motorisation.

Roller Blinds Kitchen Modern Northern Ireland


By using a motorised system on Electric Roller Blinds your Blinds will be cordless. Corded Blinds are regulated by laws that ensure safety mechanisms such as “P” clips and Cord Breaks are put in place so that they are not dangerous. Electric Blinds take the extra step of removing the cord entirely ensuring there is nothing to be of risk to children or animals in the home.

Electric Roller Blinds Modern Contemporary Dining Room Northern Ireland


When you are away from home it is easy to make it appear you’re still there with Electric Roller Blinds. The TaHoma upgrade lets you control your blinds from anywhere using a handy app on your phone. This means you can be relaxing on a sunny beach on the other side of the world whilst setting your blinds to automatically open in the morning and close in the evening.

The Electric Roller Blinds Project

Electric Blinds Somfy Switch Control

Ease of Use

Our customer first wanted to ensure they saved time operating Blinds due to the number of large windows in their home. They also had previous experience with older models of Electric Blinds that were more confusing to operate. Our Blinds needed to use the latest Somfy systems to ensure that operating the Blinds was a straightforward process.


This home had clearly had a lot of time and investment into creating a stylish and vibrant space for our customer to live in. They had a clear idea of what décor they liked and it was crucial we provided Blinds that fit seamlessly into this. Our wide range of colours and fabrics were there to make sure they had the choices to suit their needs. Not only do we provide samples and choices for your home, but we also provide information on our website such as on interior design trends to inspire your creativity in your home.

Electric Blinds Modern Contemporary Home Northern Ireland

Protection and Privacy

Privacy was an important issue for our customer. Whilst their large windows were fantastic for allowing in beautiful natural light during the day, making sure they felt safe and secure at night was very important. They also wanted to make sure they could have their Blinds open in the morning and close at night even when they were away. This would help provide protection, making it appear as if someone is always there.

A Home Upgraded with Electric Roller Blinds

Our Design Consultant met with the customer and listened to their needs. They proposed a Roller Blind using Somfy Motorisation with the TaHoma add-on for extra control. After looking through the various fabric colours and styles, they selected a fabric in the colour Sand that matched their home beautifully.

Our fitter used two different power options for our customer. Two Electric Blinds were wired into the mains at points with available connections. The other Electric Blinds used rechargeable batteries which were able to be plugged into nearby sockets for a handy charge.

Our customer selected the TaHoma add-on so they were able to control every blind using their smartphone. They also opted for a wall switch which allowed for easy control raising or lowering every blind in the room at once. As a backup should they not have their phone, they also were provided a remote that has full control over every blind in the room, able to raise and lower one or all blinds.

How do Electric Blinds plug in?

All of our Motorised Blinds can be wired into the mains power if a connection is available. Alternatively, a rechargeable battery can be used which is charged by plugging into a wall socket or into a miniature solar panel.

Do Electric Blinds use a lot of electricity?

No, since Blinds are generally used no more than a few times per day the energy use by Electric Blinds is minimal.

How long does the charge on Electric Blinds last?

Depending on the size of the Blind a full charge can take 3-4 hours however, this lasts for 6-9 months of standard use.

Is it better to use cordless or corded Blinds?

Electric Blinds are cordless and this is safer for your home and will reduce the risk of damage from misuse. Corded Blinds however, are regulated by child safety laws to ensure they are still safe in your home.

Should I get Electric Blinds?

We highly recommend Motorised Blinds for their convenience, safety, and ability to potentially save you money in energy costs over time.

Are Roller Blinds outdated?

Definitely not! Whilst they are a traditional style of blind the are timeless and a wonderfully simplistic option that can use a wide variety of fabrics to fit any style of decor.

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