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Why Your Local Shutter Company is the Best Choice

20 October 2023

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Find your perfect new blinds or shutters

Whether you are looking for new blinds or shutters for any room in your home, Village Blinds & Shutters are here to help make the process convenient for you.

At Village Blinds and Shutters, we take great pride in being a local shutter company providing made-to-measure Plantation Shutters which are manufactured right here in County Antrim.

Beautiful White Plantation Shutters in a Bay Window made by a local shutter company

Why Choose a Local Shutter Company?

There are many reasons why choosing a local shutter company can be the better option for everyone involved!

Exterior building of Village Blinds and Shutters a local shutter company

Support Local

When you use a local shutter company you are supporting a local business. This business hires local people providing jobs and a boost to the local economy.  This means that the money you spend is going back into your local economy and not somewhere far away.

The UK government has been encouraging people to shop locally whenever possible as they look to save the high street and boost local job prospects in the UK.

A van from Village Blinds and Shutters a local shutter company providing service to Northern Ireland

Reduced Lead Times for Plantation Shutters

Another great reason to use a local shutter company is that we can reduce the time it takes to deliver and install your shutter. Rather than waiting for a shutter to travel over from England, Europe, or even further abroad, we simply drive your shutter up the road!

This also means that we are responsible for your order the whole way! We make your shutter, we deliver it, and we install it. This way you do not have to potentially mess about with third parties contracted by the manufacturer, everything is done by our own team!

A Plantation Shutter being fitted by a local shutter company professional fitter from Village Blinds and Shutters

Lower Environmental Impact

By having your shutters delivered by a local shutter company you can reduce the environmental impact of your purchase. This is because your shutter is not travelling a great distance to reach your home.

So rather than ordering a shutter that has to travel sometimes from the other side of the world just to your house, you can order one that only has to travel from our factory in Ballymena.

A Plantation Shutter being made by a local shutter company in Northern Ireland

Local Quality

When you order from a local shutter company you can feel confident in the quality craftsmanship that goes into your order. Northern Ireland has a steep history of artisan skills going back many years. This tradition is continued today with the modern generation of skilled craftspeople.

We are so proud of our local craftsmanship that we even offer a 5 Year Guarantee on all orders to show our commitment to only providing the top-quality in Plantation Shutters.

A fitting of a Plantation Shutter in Northern Ireland by a local shutter company

A Local Service

As a local shutter company, we provide a bespoke service, taking great care through every stage to ensure you are satisfied.

the measuring of a Plantation Shutter in Northern Ireland by Village Blinds and Shutters a local shutter company Measuring for Plantation Shutters

Measuring for Plantation Shutters

We offer free home appointments to provide a professional measurement for your Shutters. During this time, you can discuss with our Design Consultant what your needs are in order to decide upon the best Shutters for you and your style.

A frame is attached to a beautiful white Plantation Shutter as it is built by a local shutter company in Northern Ireland Manufacturing Plantation Shutters Locally
A beautiful white Plantation Shutter is build by a local shutter company in Northern Ireland Manufacturing Plantation Shutters Locally

Manufacturing Plantation Shutters Locally

After your professional measurements are taken it moves over to our team at our factory right here in County Antrim. They make each shutter by hand using state-of-the-art technology to create a precise made-to-measure shutter.

By using quality materials your new Shutter will not only look stunning but also become a durable fixture in your home for years to come. By choosing a local shutter company you know exactly who we are and how we make your Shutters, a process you can regularly see on our Facebook and Instagram!

Stunning White Plantation Shutters on the North Coast Northern Ireland Seaview made by a local shutter company Installing Your New Plantation Shutters

Installing Your New Plantation Shutters

When your Plantation Shutters are finished, we will contact you to arrange a date for fitting that suits you. As a local shutter company this will be much sooner from the time they are made as we will not need to transport them a long distance.

During your fitting, our team take great care to ensure you are satisfied with your beautiful Shutters. As professional fitters, they have the skill and knowledge to perform a brilliant job and make sure that your home is left as found, with the addition of your gorgeous new Shutters of course!

Choose a Local Shutter Company Today!

With so many reasons to choose a local shutter company all that is left is to book your free home appointment and get started today! The process is easy and can be done by our online booking form or by getting in contact through phone or email.

Are Shutters Worth The Cost?

Shutters provide a stylish and durable window covering that will bring you control over the light in your room. They also help with temperature control, providing insulation over your window which can help reduce energy bills.

How Much Should I Expect To Pay For Shutters?

All of our Shutters are made to measure for each customer. This means the cost can vary depending on your windows and the style of shutters you choose.

Do Shutters Increase Home Value?

As Shutters are built into your window frame they become a permanent fixture of the house. This means they can contribute to raising the appraisal value of your home should you wish to sell.

What Are The Best Shutters To Have?

We have three types of Shutters. Full Height, Tier on Tier, and Café Style. Within these there can also be minor differences depending on your needs as they are made specifically for your window. This means the best type will be the one that suits you, your home, and your needs the best.

How Long Do Shutters Last?

As with all blind types continual use over time will eventually cause wear on Shutters. They are very durable however and can last for decades if they are properly taken care of. Here are our top tips for shutter care

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