Sash Window Blinds: How to Achieve a Timeless Look

1 August 2023

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Do you have sash windows in your home? If so, you know how charming and elegant they are. They add character and style to any room, and they let in plenty of natural light.

But you also know how tricky it can be to find the right window treatments for them. You want something that complements your sash windows, not covers them up. You want something that provides shade and privacy, without compromising the functionality of the sashes. And you want something that fits perfectly within the window frame, without leaving any gaps or holes.

That’s why we at Village Blinds and Shutters are here to help. We have the perfect solution for your sash windows: roller blinds.

In this blog post, we will show you how we transformed a home in Ahoghill with our custom-made roller sash window blinds. We will share with you the challenges we faced, the solutions we offered, and the results we achieved. And we will also give you some tips on how to choose, measure, and install roller blinds for your sash windows.

Ready to get inspired? Let’s get started!

Sash Wiindow Blinds Ahoghill

How to Choose the Perfect Sash Window Blinds for Angled Reveals

Our customers in Ahoghill had a clear vision of what they wanted for their home: a timeless look with roller blinds in a soft white tone throughout. They loved how roller blinds matched their sash windows, creating a simple and elegant look.

However, they also faced some challenges when it came to finding the right blinds for their sash windows. One of them was how to deal with the angled reveals.

The window reveals are the parts of the wall that surround the window frame. In some homes, like our customers, the reveals are set at 45 degrees, which means that they slope inward from the wall to the window. This can create gaps between the blinds and the reveals, allowing light to enter and reducing privacy.

Another challenge was how to ensure that the sash window blinds fit well within the window frame, without interfering with the operation of the sashes. The sashes are the movable parts of the window that slide up and down. They need enough space to move freely, without being obstructed by the blinds.

Hand Crafted Sash Window Blinds

After discussing the customer’s needs and preferences, we suggested roller blinds as the ideal solution for their sash windows. Roller blinds are simple and versatile, and they can be custom-made to fit any window size.

We measured the windows carefully and made the roller blinds fit perfectly within the window frame. We chose a soft white fabric that suited the customer’s decor and created a bright and airy feel. We also used break-away connectors as child safety devices on the control chains.

By using break-away connectors, we avoided having to drill into the feature reveals to secure the control chains. This way, we preserved the original character of the windows and walls, while ensuring safety and convenience for the customer.

Sash Window Blinds – A Stunning Transformation with Roller Blinds

The customer was overjoyed with the final result. They said that the roller blinds had transformed their home and made it look more elegant and cosy. They also said that the blinds were very functional and practical and that they provided excellent light control and privacy.

They especially loved how the blinds fitted snugly within the window frame, without interfering with the sashes or creating gaps in the reveals.

Here are some photos of the project that show how beautiful the roller blinds looked on their sash windows:

But wait, there’s more! We also installed a cream roller blind in their bathroom, which was a stunning space with a luxurious freestanding tub, a marble tiled floor, and exquisite blush pink wainscoting.

The cream roller blind had to be meticulously measured, made, and installed to ensure a perfect fit to give privacy and allow free operation against the paneling which extended into the reveal. The result was a stylish and tranquil oasis, finished off with a soft cream roller blind.

Here are some photos of this amazing bathroom sash window blinds:

If you are interested in getting roller blinds for your home, or do you need help finding the perfect sash window blinds If so, please contact us today. We will be happy to provide you with a free consultation and a quote. We have a wide range of colours and fabrics to choose from, and we can make them to suit any window shape or size.

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