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4 September 2023

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Whether you are looking for new blinds or shutters for any room in your home, Village Blinds & Shutters are here to help make the process convenient for you.

Motorised Cellular Blinds and Aura Blinds in Ballymena, made, measured and fitted by us. At Village Blinds and Shutters, we pride ourselves in providing our customers with bespoke, made-to-measure, blinds and shutters right here in Northern Ireland. Some people wonder why this is so important. Ultimately it comes down to our dynamic approach.

Your blinds and shutters need to work precisely as you need them to. This means we have the ability to change to suit your needs. Generic blinds and shutters might come ‘close enough’ to what you need but we only accept perfect because to us ‘close enough’ is not good enough. We are never satisfied with our ability to create unique solutions for our customers that push the boundaries of what is possible with Blinds and Shutters. 

aura blinds and cellular roof blinds

‘Buster Approved’ 

The Project 

One of our recent projects illustrates this perfectly. Our customer had recently built their new home on a farm property. This included a lovely open-plan kitchen-dining area with an entire wall of floor-to-ceiling windows and glass doors. These needed blinds as well as a blind for the accompanying roof windows. This provided access to their garden and was a lovely way to allow lots of light into their home.

Their issue was that during bright sunny days, they may need shade and during some of the more miserable and wet days that Northern Ireland is famous for, they may also wish to block out the grey skies. This meant our customer was keen to install some roof blinds and looked to us for help. As a blind manufacturer nearby we were a clear choice, providing a local service and blinds fitted for free near to our customer. 

The Challenge 

This project presented two main challenges. Firstly, due to the scale of the windows lowering and raising blinds could be quite a task multiple times during the day. The customer needed a solution that would allow them to get the most out of their blinds without wasting lots of time and energy constantly raising them up and lowering them as they need. Secondly, there were angled windows on the slope of the wall high up that led into the roof. These windows would also need blinds which could be difficult to attach due to the height and angle and would also create some accessibility issues due to their height in order to use them.  

Motorised Cellular Blinds, Our Bespoke Blinds Solution 

Our design consultant went out to meet the customers and find out about the project and what they needed from their blinds. They were able to take this and work with our experts to devise a bespoke solution that would ensure they had gorgeous new blinds that combined looks and functionality. To tackle the first issue, we suggested motorised cellular blinds. This would save our customers a lot of time rolling their blinds up and down manually by automating this. It also provided them with the potential to further automate using smart home integration in the future if they chose to add this to their home.

Electric blinds in areas such as the living room which often has larger windows have become an increasingly popular choice. It also helped with the issue of reaching the roof blinds as they would now no longer need to strain to reach them and could simply use a remote instead. As an added bonus we were also able to use our customers’ solar power to charge their motorised blinds. Their solar panels were integrated into the project and ensured they had no hassle keeping their motorised cellular blinds charged.  We use motorisation products from market leader Somfy. They have a number of great options available including linking your home up to IoT via a Tahoma Smart Hub.

Aura Blinds – Sleek, Modern & Practical.

For the main window blinds our customer selected Aura Blinds. Aura blinds feature horizontal bands of colour and transparency. These beautiful blinds provide a greater level of control between having the blinds raised to allow all light in, having transparent bands that block glare but still allow some light in, or having the solid colour bands block out all light entirely. Given the weather experienced in Northern Ireland, it is useful to have the middle option to maximize the natural light whenever possible. 

Whilst the motorisation also helped tackle the issue of the height of the second windows, it did not fully answer how we were going to make roof window blinds work without issue. The harder issue was to figure out how we were going to fit motorised blinds and not only keep them up but keep them functioning, raised high and at an angle. This was certainly an unusual task and not one we had specifically tackled before. Our team was up for the challenge and provided motorised cellular blinds that were altered to be corded so they remained in place as they extended and retracted on the ceiling windows.  

Why Choose Village Blinds and Shutters? 

By choosing us to make their blinds, this customer received motorised cellular blinds and Aura blinds made by hand right here in Northern Ireland by experienced professionals. When organising their free blind fitting service, we sent an extra fitter along with scaffolding to safely tackle the job, ensuring this part was fitted correctly and could stay up for years to come. 

We followed up with this customer and were pleased to hear they were very satisfied with the outcome. They had heard of our reputation and were keen to have our team come and create a bespoke solution for their home. They had previously worried that it would be too difficult a window but were very happy with the help our sales team provided, measuring the windows, and then researching to come up with motorisation and solar battery solutions which fit their needs perfectly.

Ultimately, they were very happy with our team and felt the fitters who arrived with scaffolding to complete their installation were very knowledgeable and completed a difficult job with little fuss. After a helpful and friendly experience, we were delighted to be told we would be recommended to family and friends for both large and small projects. 

motoried cellular blinds in roof window dining space

The Verdict  – Motorised Cellular Blinds

This customer’s story showed how our bespoke approach to their motorised cellular blinds, paired with Aura blinds was incredibly useful for difficult windows. Since each customer has a unique home with unique needs and tastes we think it is very important that they receive a unique product tailored to them. This does not just mean massive windows. No matter the size, shape, or location we will make the perfect solution. 

By having motorised cellular blinds our customer now has an easier time keeping light out or into their living space as they need. The use of Aura blinds for the main windows provided a stylish but flexible choice. Not only do they now have stunning blinds, but they have easy control of the light throughout.

If this has inspired, you to enhance your home with bespoke blinds or shutters then we encourage you to get in contact today. Our home appointments are entirely free so if you book now a member of our sales team can visit to discuss your needs, suggest styles, and obtain professional measurements. From there, our production team will kick in and make your shutters and blinds by hand right here in Northern Ireland. This ensures that it will not take long for our fitters to come to your door and complete your window blinds installation, allowing you to relax through the entire process. So, what are you waiting for?  

You can book now online or find our contact information here.

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