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Fitted Blinds with the Ultimate Care from Village Blinds and Shutters

4 October 2023

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Find your perfect new blinds or shutters

Whether you are looking for new blinds or shutters for any room in your home, Village Blinds & Shutters are here to help make the process convenient for you.

Fitted Blinds made to measure are a convenient choice for providing light control and privacy in your home. When your blinds are ordered you should only accept blinds fitted by professionals who take proper care to ensure they sit perfectly in your home.

As members of the British Blinds and Shutters Association we take pride in ensuring we provide a high standard of quality in all of our Blinds and Shutters.

Fitted Blinds

The advantage of choosing a made-to-measure blind is that you will receive a blind that fits into your window exactly. Without this, you will not be able to have a properly fitted blind and instead will have larger gaps around the edges of the blind that allow more light into your home even when they are closed.

To ensure your blinds are fitted correctly, we provide a free professional installation with your order.

fitted blinds being installed into a home by a professional fitter

Blinds Fitted with Care

We use a specialist team of fitters equipped with the knowledge and skills to fit your blinds perfectly into your window. With expert care and precision, they will attach the frame or headrail of your blind into place, ensuring the blind stays where you need it even as you use it.

We are so sure of the quality that goes into our blinds that we offer a Five Year Guarantee.

the care and attention shown to blinds fitted by our team

Our team take particular care to ensure your home is kept as neat and tidy as they found it. They will clear the area around the window to ensure nothing can be damaged while they are working on fitting your blind. They will also clean the area to remove any dust so that your window is clean before they move anything back, leaving your space as found plus your brand-new blind.

a vacuum used for fitting blinds so that the room is left clean

Types of Fitted Blinds

There are various ways in which your blind can be fitted depending on the style you choose. Depending on your window and your needs, this may affect the type of blind we would recommend based on how you would need your blind fitted to the window.

an example of a headrail, one way a blind is fitted onto a window


A headrail is the long bar of any shape that the blind attaches to. This could be a round headrail that a roller blind wraps around. Or a more squared shape like what a cellular blind compresses up into. A headrail can be attached either inside or outside of the recess.

What is a Recess?

A recess is the indent in your wall that your window is built into. This is the space that your window ledge sits on, creating a small space in between the actual window and your room.

A window recess that has a fitted blind on the outside
Examples of two window recesses.
a window recess with a roller fitted blind on the inside

Fitted Blinds Inside the Recess

A headrail can be placed into the recess, allowing it to sit as close to the window as possible. This places the blind right up against the window and allows you to clean the ledge whilst the blind is closed, as well as allowing you to place items on the ledge.

The only disadvantage is that the width of the blind will have to be reduced to allow a gap at each side of the headrail whilst it fits into the recess. This can allow light out around the edge of the blind.

a grey roller fitted blind inside the recess of the window

Fitted Blinds Outside the Recess

Alternatively, a headrail can be placed outside of the recess. This means instead of drilling up into the top of the recess we can drill into the front to attach the headrail just above the opening.

A big advantage of this is that the blind can be made wider than the recess, allowing it to completely cover it and prevent as much light as possible from entering the room around the edge of the blind. This works particularly well and compliments styles such as our Roman Blinds.

a grey and white roman fitted blind on the exterior of the window recess

Perfect Fit

A Perfect Fit is a frame that attaches around the window placing the blind directly on with a minimal gap. This attaches the blind to the actual window, making it ideal for high-up blinds that need to be held in place, or blinds on doors that need to be able to open whilst keeping the blind in place.

Another reason many people choose Perfect Fit is because they do not need to be drilled into place. Instead, the frame can be clipped into the window if you would prefer this, making it easier should you choose to make changes in the future.

grey cellular perfect fit blinds with white frames fitted onto windows

Fitted Blinds with Professional Installation

Whatever style of fitted blind you choose for your home it is important to have it installed by experienced professionals. Our expert team take care to provide a neat and precise service any time they are in a customer’s home.

If you would like to check out more of our recent installations to see the care and precision we use then check us out on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok!

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