Aura Blinds in a New Build Home

1 December 2023

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1. A Refined Ambiance: Installing Aura Day Night Blinds in a New Build Home

We recently wrapped up an exciting project, fitting our Aura Blinds into a newly constructed home in Strabane, Co Tyrone. Working closely with our design consultant, Mark, the homeowners selected the perfect window blinds to complement their home’s clean and contemporary aesthetic. After exploring various options, they settled on our Copenhagen Grey Aura Fabric paired with an Anthracite Fascia and Bottom Bar.

Aura Blinds in a New Build Home Strabane 1

2. The Sophistication of Aura Day Night Blinds

Aura Blinds have swiftly become a favoured choice for new build homes, owing to their sleek, modern design and practicality. The clean lines and horizontal banding offer an architectural touch that harmonizes seamlessly with modern construction. The unique day/night fabric of Aura Blinds allows homeowners to filter daylight and ensure privacy when the blinds are lowered.

Aligning the horizontal fabric bands seamlessly when multiple blinds are adjacent on the same wall can pose a challenge. To achieve meticulous alignment from blind to blind, our team takes extremely precise measurements, manufactures each blind to milimetre perfect specifications, and installs them with great care. The end result is an elegant display of Aura Blinds with flawlessly continuous bands of fabric across all windows.

3. Curating the Ideal Aura Blind Design

When Mark, our design consultant, initially met with the homeowners, they expressed a desire for a sleek, modern aesthetic using the large full-height windows and corner windows throughout the home. Simultaneously, they wanted to infuse warmth and character into the contemporary concrete and steel construction.

The rooms where the blinds were to be added included a large open plan dining room, a living room space as well as a utility are.

With the homeowners’ vision in mind, Mark focused on fabric recommendations in subdued tones such as greys, taupes, and lighter wood shades, aligning well with the modern style while adding a touch of softness. After narrowing down the fabric selection, the homeowners settled on Copenhagen Grey Aura Fabric, feeling it struck the right balance of sleekness and warmth.

For the fascia and other hardware crucial to the overall aesthetic, Mark recommended finishes like brushed steel or anthracite grey to match the home’s structural elements. Anthracite offered the right mix of richness and sheen, making it the ideal choice to accentuate the Copenhagen Grey day/night fabric.

When it comes to controlling the Aura Blinds, Mark took the customer through the multiple options available, including convenient motorisation, and simple chain operated control, with the customer opting for chain operated.

Aura Blinds Crafted With Precision and Perfectly Installed

With the fabric and hardware aesthetic finalised, our production team turned their attention to meticulously executing the critical crafting phase. Even with detailed measurements, flawlessly aligning multiple Aura Blinds requires tremendous technical skill and precision. We are so commited to delivering a perfect finish every time, that we offer a market leading Five Year Guarantee on all our blinds and shutters

Our installation team, seasoned from numerous Aura blind applications, used their considerable skills to position brackets perfectly on the window expanses. Anthracite fascia bars were cut to exact lengths for each blind, with every component methodically labeled for efficient matching during hanging.

As the Aura Blinds were mounted to the fascia and brackets, the vertical blind drops had to be calibrated to ensure identical alignment of horizontal fabric bands. Thanks to precise measurements and fabrication, very few adjustments were needed during installation.

A Contemporary Masterpiece – Aura Blinds

Upon seeing the completed Aura blind installation, the homeowners were delighted with how the Copenhagen Grey fabric and Anthracite accents enhanced the contemporary environment. The colouration and composition of the blinds added warmth and depth to what could have felt like stoic living spaces.

Not only are the homeowners thoroughly enjoying their perfectly aligned bands of Aura blinds, but our team found great reward in overcoming the challenges of this installation. From design concept to fabrication to hanging, it required tremendous attention to detail. Witnessing crisp, modern blinds tailored exactly for the windows they adorn is tremendously fulfilling. The end result is a contemporary masterpiece now highlighted in our portfolio of Aura blind installations.

Aura Blinds in a New Build Home Strabane Corner Window 4

Aura Blinds in a New Build FAQ

What are Aura Blinds?

Aura blinds, sometimes referred to as Day Night Blinds are a modern style of window blind featuring crisp, straight lines and horizontal fabric banding that allows the blind to double as both a daytime light filter and blackout nighttime privacy blind.

Why choose Aura Blinds for a new build home?

Aura Blinds pair beautifully with contemporary, new build home aesthetics. Their sleek style and functionality make them a popular choice to complement modern architectural designs with things like floor-to-ceiling windows.

Can Aura Blinds be motorised?

Absolutely! Many customers opt for motorisation for their new Aura Blinds, for convenient controls at the touch of a button or even vai your smart home assistant. Village Blinds and Shutters is proud to be County Antrims Certified Somfy Motorisation Expert, which means we have the technical know-how to deliver great results.

How are the Aura Blind fabric bands aligned on a wall of windows?

Precisely aligning the aura blind fabric bands from one blind to the next on a large bank of windows requires meticulous measurement, manufacturing, and installation.

What Areas of Northern Ireland can I get Aura Blinds?

At Village Blinds and Shutters, our design consultants cover all of Northern Ireland, with free home appointments to discuss your requirements, talk through your sample options and accurately measure up for your new blinds or shutters.

How do I book a free home appointment?

Booking a free home appointment with Village Blinds and Shutters is quick and easy. You can choose to book online or give us a call on 0800 059 0747

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