Apex Window Blinds: The Ultimate Solution for Shaped Windows

3 May 2023

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One of the most challenging and impressive projects we have done at Village Blinds and Shutters was to install 25mm aluminium perforated Venetian blinds in large shaped windows, that provided sleek clean lines in this modern country home. The customer wanted to enjoy excellent shading while still allowing a fantastic view of the countryside beyond, so they chose us for their apex window blinds.

Village Blinds and Shutters Reaching New Heights for Shaped Blinds

The job had its challenges with the top of the apex almost 4 metres high, but our professional team of fitters came prepared with mobile scaffolding to ensure the job was completed safely and perfectly. We installed shaped Venetian blinds in the lounge and kitchen area and the customer was bowled over with the result. We also installed day-night blinds in another family room for the customer too, providing a cosy and calm area for the family to relax.

Finding the Right Choice for Apex Window Blinds in Northern Ireland

Our customer had a contemporary style home with large shaped apex windows that added character and space to their rooms. Apex windows are windows that have an unusual shape, with the top of the window extending up on both sides to a point at the centre. They are also known as gable windows or triangular windows.

Motorised Blinds, the Smart Choice for Shaped Windows

Our design consultant discussed the project with the customer and gave advice on the best way forward. The customer chose a perforated 25mm slat for their apex window blinds and given the height of the installation, they also opted for motorised controls instead of manual controls for added convenience. Our Somfy Motorisation allows the customer to not only lift and lower the blind, but also tilt the slats at the touch of a button.

Crafting blinds for apex windows can pose some difficulties when it comes to finding the right blinds for them. Not all blinds are suitable for apex windows, as they may not fit well, or they may interfere with the window’s operation. The customer wanted blinds that would:

  • Fit perfectly on the apex windows and follow their shape
  • Provide adequate shading and privacy, as they wanted to reduce glare and heat from the sun
  • Allow them to enjoy the views of the countryside, as they had a beautiful landscape outside their windows
  • Be durable and easy to maintain, as they wanted shaped blinds that would last long and look good
  • Be easy and convenient to operate, as they wanted blinds that would not be too complicated or cumbersome

Blinds for Apex Windows, A Stunning Transformation

The customer was ecstatic with the final result. They said that the 25mm aluminium perforated Venetian apex window blinds had transformed their home and made it look more sleek and modern. They also said that the shaped blinds were very functional and practical, and that they provided excellent shading and privacy.

They especially loved how the apex window blinds fitted snugly within the window frame, without interfering with the apex shape or creating gaps in the reveals. They also appreciated how durable and easy to maintain the blinds were, as they could withstand the weather conditions without rusting or fading.

But the best part was how the shaped blinds enhanced the views of the countryside. When the blinds were down and in the tilted open position, they could enjoy a subtle diffusion of light through the perforations, while still admiring the scenery without any glare or distraction.

Here are some photos of the project that show how amazing the 25mm aluminium perforated venetian apex window blinds looked in their home.

Creating a Cosy Feeling with Day Night Blinds

As well as installing these stunning apex window blinds, we also installed day night blinds in another family room for the customer. Day night blinds are layered shades that enable you to let more light in or block it out They operate similarly to roller blinds, but instead of one panel of fabric, day night blinds have alternating sheer and opaque panels. The customer chose a soft grey colour for their day night blinds, which created a cosy and calm atmosphere for the family to relax.

Here are some photos of the day-night blinds in the family room:

If you are interested in getting 25mm aluminium perforated Venetian blinds or day night blinds for your home, please contact us today. We will be happy to provide you with a free consultation and a quote. We have a wide range of colours and finishes to choose from, and we can make them to suit any window shape or size.

At Village Blinds and Shutters, we are passionate about creating beautiful homes with quality products. We can create bespoke blinds for apex windows for customers across Northern Ireland, including Belfast, Coleraine, Cookstown and Lurgan. Let us help you make your dream home a reality!

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