7 Amazing Benefits of Self Build Homes

10 October 2023

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Everyone dreams of one day owning a home but what about going that step further and building your own home? A Self-Build home can seem like a daunting task at first, but there are many benefits of Self Build homes to consider.

Benefits of Self-Build Homes

Self Builds are Customised for your Needs

When you buy a home, you are buying one of two things, a generic home built for easy sale, or someone else’s Self-Build made to their needs and style. Why settle for this when you can have a home built for your needs and style?

Have the exact size and number of rooms you want in the shape you want! Whether you want a large bay with Plantation Shutters or a cosy corner with warm Roman Blinds, don’t settle for anything not quite how you want it and design the home of your dreams!

With a Self-Build home, you have full control to make somewhere that you won’t ever consider leaving.

Modern home showing benefits of Self Build home with white aura day night blinds cellular roof window blinds in a spacious dining room

Self Builds Can be a Cheaper Option

Another one of the benefits of Self Build homes is it sometimes being cheaper that buying. This one comes with a bit of a caveat as it is that it CAN be cheaper to Self-Build rather than buy, but this is not going to always be the case.

Material Costs and House Prices fluctuate all the time and in different ways. This means sometimes the materials to build a house can be much cheaper than what the finished house is worth on the market.

Depending on your skills or the skills of people you are close to you can also do plenty to keep costs down. Many Self-Builders roll up their own sleeves to save money wherever possible!

Self Builds Can Improve Energy Efficiency

In general, older homes tend to be less energy efficient and will cost the owner more money in the long run with heating and electrical costs. Since these costs continue to rise a Self-Build could be a great long-term investment!

You have the control to make your home as energy-efficient as possible! Using a fabric-first approach along with considering choices in appliances, heating, and air conditioning is recommended. We also recently discussed how you can also reduce energy costs by using Thermal Blinds!

benefit of self build home with motorised aura day night blind in North County Down

Self Builds are Usually Lower Maintenance

One of the Benefits of Self Build homes is being able to reduce the amount of maintenance. By using a trusted builder who you know will guarantee quality you can reduce the maintenance needed on your home. Quality materials and craftsmanship will mean less issues to fix and less headaches in the future.

You will also have new appliances and materials which should need less care and will be under warranty giving you protection should they have issues.

Our Blinds and Shutters for example, come with a Five Year Guarantee to provide peace of mind.

Make Your Self Build Eco-Friendly

How Eco-Friendly is your home? If you have bought a home you may not actually no as you likely will have limited information about the material and processes that went into its construction.

Being able to control how Eco-Friendly your home is can be another on of the benefits of Self Build homes.

Most builders are now employing environmental concerns into their projects and you can encourage this! Whether it’s the materials you choose or processes like insulated timber frames, there are many ways to make your Self-Build more eco-friendly.

Build It a Self Build Magazine created these tips for making your Self Build Home Eco Friendly

beautiful living room showing the benefits of self build home with black plantation shutters in Northern Ireland

Get Involved with your Self Build

Arguably one of the biggest benefits of Self Build Homes is the connection you develop with your home.

The value of a personal connection that you will develop with a Self-Build cannot be understated! When you have put your own time into designing and building a home from the ground up it just means that bit more.

Not only will a Self-Build owner have the memories they create in the home, but the memories of building it too. This gives it that extra personal touch that really makes it feel like your home, one no one else has lived in before.

cellular blinds self build coastal home in a ideal location

Pick the Ideal Location for your Self Build

When buying a home location is so important, but what happens if the right home for you isn’t available in the right location?

One of the benefits of Self Build Homes is choosing the location for your home!

Rather than accepting a home that isn’t right for you, or a location that doesn’t suit why not put you dream home in your dream location? With a Self-Build all you need is a plot of land in a location you like and then you are able to add the perfect home!

stunning living room showing the benefits of self build home with white plantation shutters

Is a Self-Build Right For You?

All the things we have listed are great benefits of Self Build homes but ultimately it is a big commitment and should not be taken lightly! There is a financial cost as well as some stress involved in the process. We understand this and provide a stress-free service for Self-Builds where we can measure, make, and install Blinds and Shutters for your entire new home!

So, whether you opt to buy or Self Build choose Village Blinds and Shutters!

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