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Are you ready for your fitting appointment?

Just like you, we can’t wait to get your new blinds fitted perfectly. 

Ahead of your upcoming fitting appointment, please check the following…

Remove existing blinds

Existing blinds including headrails have been removed. If you need us to do this we can do so for a nominal fee of £4.99 per blind.

Clear any obstructions

Please ensure any obstructive furniture has been moved away from the area to allow access for our fitting team.

Remove any breakables

  • Please ensure all breakable items/ornaments are removed from the window area, (so as to avoid any accidents).

If you need us to remove your existing blinds, we charge a nominal fee of £4.99 per blind. Please note that this service does not include filling the subsequent drill holes or repairing plasterwork.

Payment for this service will be agreed upon and is due once prior to commencement. If you need any more information regarding your fitting appointment please contact us n 028 2564 4444