With the UK under lockdown for a month now, the team at Village Blinds have already been hard at work.

It Started with Scrubs

Alison and Harold McCloy have already run a successful fundraising campaign to enable over 4,000 pairs of scrubs to be produced by community groups throughout the Ballymena area and beyond. When the fundraising total of £15,000 was exceeded, Alison and Harold knew they had more to do and they used the excess funds for an initial purchase of alcohol hand sanitiser.

They have already donated that initial order of hand sanitiser to local health and social care homes, making sure that every penny donated generously by the general public is put to good use to help the very people that help us the most.

Time to do More


Clenz Hand Sanitiser - Order Online Today

Village Blinds have now invested in further inventory of Clenz hand sanitiser. This powerful, high alcohol content hand sanitiser is now available for sale here.

Harold McCloy commented, “We have a good stock of this hand sanitiser now, but unlike some unscrupulous traders price gouging at this time, we’ve put this on sale at fair, affordable prices. We’ve already fulfilled some orders to local care homes that just could not find adequate supplies of sanitiser at fair prices”. We’re not seeking to line our pockets out of this, rather continue to invest any monies into further materials purchasing to meet with the unprecedented demand from our vital health and social care workers.

More Help on the Way


“Similarly we have begun production of 60,000+ Face Shields to be used in the health and social care sectors. We have orders on the books for several thousand units and again, we’re selling them at a fair price, because that’s the right thing to do”.

“Diversifying into these areas in the short term benefits everyone, it allows us to bring a small production team out of furlough and get them working again. Not to mention it provides much-needed PPE and sanitiser at sensible prices to the heroes that look after us and our families, day in day out”.

Face Shield Right View
Face Masks Boxes of 50

When speaking to local social care workers, it was clear to Harold that there was also a lack of availability of face masks in their usual supply chain. Working with our suppliers we have obtained inventory from Asia and have made these available to health and social care organisations throughout the UK and Ireland. Harold added, “While Village Blinds are able to make materials available to our inspiring health and social care workers, we will. It’s imperative that  we do everything we can to bolster those who are there for us through thick and thin”.

For more information about Village Blinds, or it’s COVID-19 initiatives please contact us at info@villageblinds.com

PPE Guidance from statutory bodies in UK & Ireland.

Whilst we make every effort to keep up to date with the latest guidance, please check your local statutory body for the latest advice and guidance.

World Health Organization (WHO) Guidance on Anti-Bacterial Hand Rub

Whilst we make every effort to keep up to date with the latest guidance, please check your local statutory body for the latest advice and guidance.

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