Thank You For Requesting a Shutter Quotation

Thank You For Requesting a Shutter Quotation

Thank Your For Requesting a Shutter Quotation Village Blinds and Shutters Northern Ireland

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 Thank you for requesting a shutter quotation from Villager Blinds and Shutters.

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Types Of Plantation Shutters Available At Village Blinds and Shutters

All of the shutters available at Village Blinds and Shutters are individually crafted from a high-quality composite material and upon request can be manufactured in a range of colours to suit a range of interior styles and décor.

Here at Village Blinds and Shutters, we have three types of plantation shutters available for installation in your home. These are:

Apex Window Shutters – Northern ireland
Café Style Shutters
Café-style shutters are ideal for smaller window spaces, with the shutter covering the bottom half of the window only. Café-style shutters are a cost-effective option if you decide to install shutters in your home when compared to the tier-on-tier shutters. They are great for providing privacy but still having an unobstructed amount of light coming in at the top of the window which is ideal in spaces such as hallways and living areas. Our café-style shutters are suitable for most window types and are customisable in height.
Coloured Window Shutters
Full Height Shutters
Our full-height shutters are a versatile product that is suitable for almost all window types. The sophisticated aesthetic provides full window coverage and offers customers privacy when the shutters are closed over. The sloping design of our full-height shutters also ensures maximum light reduction, making them an ideal choice for spaces such as bedrooms. Full-height shutters can also be used to cover doors in your home.
Gothic Arch Window Shutters
Shaped Window Shutters
Tier on Tier Shutters
Here at Village Blinds and Shutters, our tier-on-tier shutters which are also known as ‘double hung shutters’ are designed so customers can open the top and bottom sections of their shutters separately from one another. If you like the option of unobstructed light at the top of your windows, tier-on-tier shutters could be the best option for you. The tiered appearance of our tier-on-tier shutters provides an elegant and private finish for your space. These shutters, like our full-height shutters, are suitable for most window types and can be made to order with customised heights available.

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