Even More Affordable PPE

Since April this year we’ve been doing everything we can to provide affordable PPE supplies to people who need it.

We’ve supplied many thousands of items of PPE to businesses and individuals in this time. As we approach the roadmap for easing the lockdown which has affected each and every one of us, Village Blinds has secured better pricing from many of our PPE suppliers due to our increased investment in the sector.

From the beginning, we have strived to offer affordable PPE to our customers, and now that we have secured better pricing, we are passing those savings on to our customers.

What does that mean in real terms?

From today we have been able to reduce the price of a large proportion of our stock.

In some cases, these price reductions have been substantial, for example our Box of 50 masks was previously priced at £45. We can now offer this for £30.

Our Sure Care Hand Sanitiser has also been reduced. For example the 5 litre was previously £75.00, and is now only £40.00 including VAT.

Where a price reduction has been possible for a particular product, we have also reduced it within the Work Place Packs. 

Is everything cheaper?

Sadly, not. Whilst we’ve secured better prices for many of the most popular items in our PPE Shop, some items cost price have not followed suit. However we will continue to press our suppliers for the very best price possible.

Is this just a Sale?

No. The new pricing structure is now our base price for these items. It’s not a time-sensitive offer. We’ve simply increased our investment and negotiated the best price we can for these items and are passing on the savings to our customers.

Even More Affordable PPE

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