BlocOut Blinds

BlocOut Blinds - The Difference is Day and Night

BlocOut Blinds in Northern Ireland

Our Total Blackout  BlocOut Blinds are the ideal choice for young children, light-sensitive sleepers, shift workers, and those who need daytime naps. This is made possible by the light and noise-blocking siderails and a rubber bottom seal, making them perfect for bedrooms and nurseries. The high-quality blackout fabric not only enhances privacy but also provides exceptional darkness, making them a great fit for living rooms, gaming rooms, and home cinemas.

Total Blackout BlocOut Blinds Key Features

Fabric Selection – Our Total Blackout BlocOut Blinds offer a diverse range of thermal blackout fabrics. These blinds are designed to fit windows up to 1800mm in width and 1500mm in height. For larger windows, please refer to our Total Blackout Blinds XL.

Tension operated system for convenience. 

To prevent wind damage to your Total Blackout BlocOut Blinds, it’s advisable to keep windows closed when the blind is lowered. Strong or sudden gusts of wind can potentially damage the blind. We recommend raising it fully when opening windows to allow air circulation.

Similarly, for plain fabrics with both width and drop dimensions exceeding 1900mm, a join in the fabric may be necessary.

BlocOut XL Blinds in Northern Ireland - For Larger Windows

BlocOut XL Blinds From Village Blinds and Shutters

Designed for larger windows, the Total Blackout BlocOut Blinds XL offer complete light blocking, ensuring a peaceful and undisturbed sleep environment, day or night, regardless of the season. Choose from a chain-operated system with child-safe clips or opt for the motorized version for added convenience.

Key Features of Total Blackout BlocOut Blinds XL:

  • Tailored for Larger Windows: Total Blackout BlocOut Blinds XL are specifically designed for larger windows, accommodating widths ranging from 400mm to 2400mm and heights from 300mm to 2400mm.

  • Chain Operated for flawless function

  • Precision Fit: Each blind is precision cut to ensure a perfect fit, enhancing both aesthetics and light control.

  • Energy Efficiency: These blinds act as an energy-efficient barrier, minimizing heat loss through your windows. Our blinds have been proven to save up to 43% on energy costs, making them a wise choice for environmentally conscious homeowners.

Experience the ultimate in light control and privacy with s BlocOut Blinds from Village Blinds and Shutters. Are you ready to transform your living space with the perfect blend of style and functionality? Don’t miss out on this opportunity to enjoy the benefits of our Total Blackout and Total Blackout XL BlocOut Blinds.

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  • Free Home Appointments: At Village Blinds and Shutters, we offer all of our customers a free home appointment so our expert design consultants can help ensure you are choosing the best blinds to suit your home.
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  • Support Local: The Plantation Shutters and Blinds at Village Blinds and Shutters are locally made by our skilled production team here in Northern Ireland, so you’re guaranteed a personalised, local experience with your purchase.
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  • Finance Options Available: At Village Blinds and Shutters, we offer our customers flexible payment plans made to suit you- Get in touch with a member of our team for more information on the finance options available.

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